Team Information

What is a team and how do I get started?

  • Form a team - A team is a group of 5 or more people. Once you have at least 5 people, choose a captain. Note: the first person who registers online is automatically made the team captain.
  • Register online - Registering early helps to give us an accurate head count and ensures that you get your bandana and goody bag. 
  • Raise support - It's easy to track your donations online! Our goal is to reach $50,000.Please make your goal a 50% increase over what you raised last year!

Team Award -

Every year we award the Pink Ribbon trophy to the team who raises the most money.

There are many reasons for making the effort to put together a team, but why strive to win the Pink Ribbon?

  • Bragging Rights - be the team to beat the following year
  • Special recognition will be given to the winning team at the event;
  • The Team Who Raised the Most Money will find their logo on all marketing material, including the T-shirts for the event, for the following year;
  • For the following year after the event, the Team Who Raised the Most Money will get to keep the Pink Ribbon with their name engraved on the plaque


In order for us to determine the team with the most money raised in advance of the event, each team must turn in their sponsor sheets and money by 12:00 PM Friday, March 12th, 2021.  This will create some urgency on the part of the participants to collect pledges from sponsors prior to the event. Overall, this will help everyone involved on Saturday morning!


Get a head start and talk to your friends and family about sponsors now!